Cleaning Methods at Home: How to Prepare for a Sofa Cleaning Service

While you expect a professional cleaner to do quality work on your sofa, you must also do your part in preparing your home before they arrive. It’s your job to do the prep cleaning so your hired professionals can do a faster and more efficient job. But before you start to do a quick cleaning of your living area, take the time to learn how to do it properly. Here are the following tips to help you prepare your home for a cleaning service:

Clear out the area.

It’s very important to remove all the clutter in the area before you let the professional cleaners in. You don’t want to leave a negative impression on people who enter your home. Plus, if you want to avoid tripping accidents, be sure to keep away objects that may get in the way, like children’s toys. The cleaners will be using bigger cleaning equipment, so make sure that you’ll be able to give them space for it.

Move your furniture away from the wall.

This is one way to protect your walls during a sofa cleaning service. It is also best to move your furniture away from the corner so the cleaners can reach every part of the furniture. Do this only to light furniture. In the case of heavy furniture, ask help from someone in moving it or request the cleaning service to do it for you.

Keep your pets outside.

If you have pets at home, be sure to keep them away from the working area. They might get startled by the sound of the cleaning machine or get in the way of the cleaners.

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