Clean Your Carpet with the Dry Powder Method

Carpets can trap dust, dirt, and animal fur easily. This is why carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis. There are many ways that you clean your carpet. The kind of method used depends on your carpet’s current condition. Cleaning your carpet doesn’t necessarily require you to use an expensive cleaning solution.

A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct is known for providing a wide range of carpet cleaning services. People in Aurora, CO have relied on us to clean their carpets efficiently. Our carpet cleaners use a variety of cleaning methods to get the job done. One of the challenges of cleaning the carpet is figuring out how you can dry them in the fastest possible way. There is one particular carpet cleaning method that does not require plenty of water.

The dry powder method is a low-moisture carpet cleaning technique. This particular cleaning method is so quick and easy to do that you can immediately use the carpet after. Our carpet cleaners use an absorbent medium, usually a sponge or powders, mixed with water and detergent. A rotating brush is used to spread the entire mixture on the surface of your carpet. The mixture is left on the carpet for about 10-15 minutes. Once the dirt and grime become loose, you can vacuum your carpet easily.

Unlike other cleaning techniques, this dry powder method allows your carpet to dry easily, and there are fewer streaks of dirt and grime. Our carpet cleaners use professional carpet cleaning tools to ensure maximum efficiency, and we only use high-quality carpet powders and detergent to deliver lasting results.

A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct is fully licensed and certified to provide you with impeccable carpet cleaning services. All our services are affordable and suitable for any budget. You have our assurance that your carpet will be cleaned in no time. If you want to know more about our carpet cleaning services in Aurora, CO, call (303) 395-4899 to schedule an appointment with us today!