Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that your upholstery cleaning solutions are as good as you say they are?

Well, there are many other companies on the market that claim to perform a proper upholstery cleaning service; however, upon a closer inspection, it seems that they use one cleaning technique on all of their work. We, on the other hand, use methods, products, and equipment designed specifically to make sure that your stained furniture looks as good as the day it was bought.

How often should I hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider?

In order to properly answer this question, we need to take into consideration important factors. One of them is being “how big is the walking traffic”? If we are talking about average statistics, then a professional carpet cleaning should be performed once every six months.

Is there an actual reason why I should get my air duct cleaned?

Besides improving the productivity of your HVAC systems, air duct cleaning is much more important than you think. For example, it is an all known fact that microscopic dust runs throughout the year. In addition to clogging, if you do not clean your air ducts, the risk of domestic fire increases. Stay clean, stay protected.

If my furniture has been damaged by water, how should I call the specialists?

Nothing good can come out of anything that involves your furniture and large quantities of water. It is absolutely imperative that with the first signs of water damage, you get in touch with us. If you do not act quickly, there is a very good chance that your furniture will be lost. Do not hesitate to give A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct a call!

Are you flexible, and can I contact you at any given moment?

Our Aurora, CO company was started with the idea of being highly convenient to its clients, and this is why we are available 24/7. If you have a real emergency, then you can completely entrust your needs to us!

What makes you any different from other carpet cleaning providers in Aurora, CO?

In addition to being licensed and insured, our company has been on the local market since 1979. You can already imagine that our qualification and experience speaks for themselves.

I am worried that the fabric of my furniture or carpeting will be damaged in the course of the cleaning. How can you guarantee that you will do a good job without damaging anything?

We work only with the finest cleaning equipment and products available on the market. We are always careful and take our time when performing any of our cleaning services. You can be assured that our specialists will protect your carpets, rugs, and furniture!

There’s so much more we can help you with – all you have to do is ask A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct! Do you wish to receive additional information on our cleaning services? If so, feel free to contact us at the phone number listed below!

(303) 395-4899