How to Ensure Your Air Ducts Are Working Correctly

Air duct cleaning companies such as A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct recommend our services to improve air quality and remove any allergens such as pollen and dust from the atmosphere. After determining this does in fact need doing, homeowners or business owners will need a reputable service for their job. Some may choose to clean their ducts alone; however, without the use of professional equipment, cleaning ducts will not be as thorough.
The first step is to see whether our service is indeed required. Remove vent covers to see if dust which has gathered within the duct is present. However, if one or more people within a home or building begin to experience unexplained allergic reactions or if a musty smell is noticed which is coming from the registers, then using our professional duct cleaning service will prove invaluable. When inspection reveals mold growing, or a heavy collection of dust and debris which will decrease the airflow, or you see signs of insect or vermin infestation, then our experts are here to help. If the underlying causes are not addressed and repaired, the ducts will continue to deteriorate over time.

This inspection refers to the interior of a duct. Mold which is discovered on the insulation which surrounds the ducts are unable to be treated using duct cleaning. Unfortunately, the insulation will have to be ripped out and replaced.

After the need for duct cleaning is established, your search can start for a skilled duct cleaner. Always be wary of sweeping claims in regard with these services and health benefits, and avoid services that recommend regular servicing also. Anyone looking for these kinds of services should ask for references first, and then compare prices with a minimum of 3 companies in order to find the best deal.

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