Have No Clue How to Clean Microsuede?

Upholstery Cleaning Tips for Microsuede Furniture

Microsuede is created with tightly-woven synthetic fibers, which is extremely durable and water-repellent. Because microfiber can mimic suede or leather, it is a very popular upholstery in business and residential settings. Microsuede sofas and chairs are more durable and stain resistant, than their counterparts, however, they are not totally exempt from spills and wear. So if you are attempting to perform upholstery cleaning, then follow these simple tips to remove stains from your microsuede furniture.

First vacuum the microsuede to remove crumbs and debris. Using a vacuum on your furniture once a week will keep it looking like new and clean. You can also dry clean microsuede using powdered detergent. Simply sprinkle laundry detergent on the fabric, and then gently brush it into the fabric, after which vacuum it out. This is useful for preventing any lingering odors from household pets.

Know what your microfiber code means. Microsuede furniture always comes with a tag that has a code which indicates what type of cleaning solutions can be used on it. Your code should appear like W, S or S-W.

  • 1. W means a water-based cleaning solution can be used on it.
  • 2. S means a solvent-based cleaner can be used on it.
  • 3. S-W means you can safely use both kinds of cleaners.

You should wash your microsuede every few months. Even when the fabric is not stained, doing this will ensure it keeps smelling fresh and clean. However, make sure you buy the right cleaning solution. Fill a spray bottle with the solution recommended by the manufacturer, then spray the area which needs cleaning. To clean the whole piece, work in sections to prevent any over saturating of an area.

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