Stress Free Pet Stain Removal

Are you tired of doing the pet stain removal chores yourself? You do not have to slave away and spend your entire weekend trying to get rid of the putrid smell that lingers even after you have removed waste. Wise pet owners in Aurora, CO often come to A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct for expert carpet cleaning solutions that can completely remove the stain and clear away the smell to boot. So if you are wondering how we can help you, you should continue reading this article.

One of the things that make us one of the leading carpet cleaning experts in Aurora, CO is the fact that we educate our customers. Once we are done with the cleaning chore, we would instruct them that the best thing to do to avoid pet stains is to immediately blot the urine stain with a clean towel. It is a must to quickly do this task so that the urine will not penetrate your carpet or your floors. The next step would be to pour a solution made of organic dishwashing detergent and warm water. We highly discourage the use of laundry detergent and dish soap because they usually contain bleach or lanolin, which will ruin your carpet. Then you are ready to rinse the solution from your carpet.

The steps enumerated in the previous paragraph only work if it is a new stain, but if the urine stain has set in and has been there for months, we would use another technique. Our first step would be to thoroughly check your house for old urine stains with the use of an ultraviolet light. We would mark all these old stains with blue painter tape. We would use cool distilled water to wet the tarnished area. Then we will use an enzymatic cleaner on it and let it stay overnight.

So if you have seen several tell-tale evidence of pet pee, you should immediately ask help from A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct. We would be more than happy to remove those old pet stains from your carpet. So what are you waiting for? Act now and give us a call at (303) 395-4899.