How to Prepare for Professional Rug Cleaning

What to Do Before the Residential Carpet Cleaning Specialists Arrive

The cleanliness of your valuable carpets is of the utmost importance. If you do not clean them professionally at least once a year, germs, bacteria, and dust mites will spread all over your abode compromising your indoor air quality and health. However, before you welcome the residential carpet cleaning experts you have hired, there are some things you should do:

Vacuum your carpets; Try to remove the pollutants with your vacuum cleaner. By removing dirt and debris in advance, you will ensure better results from the professional cleaning. Since specialists are going to concentrate their attention on deep cleaning, applying this technique on clean fibers instead of on dirty ones will have impeccable end results.

Dust and clean all baseboards and HVAC filters; Even though the precise purification of your carpets is not a dirty and dusty process, removing debris from the baseboards will again help you to achieve much better final results. If you intend to use your HVAC system, you better clean the air filters as they will have to remove a lot of airborne particles from the room as well.

Remove all fragile items; Fine china, porcelain knick-knacks, electronics, and other breakable items should be removed from the treated area and stored in a safe place.

Move furniture if possible; to achieve truly great results, the entire room should be emptied. Some carpet cleaning experts even offer discounts for treating empty rooms. On the other hand, if the furniture is too heavy, you can ask them to move them out for you, you may have to pay an extra fee for this though.

Free up the driveway; For the date of the appointment, you have to make sure there are no vehicles on your driveway. Specialists will have to park their van with truck-mounted cleaning equipment.

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