When a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Is a Better Option Than DIY Cleaning Work?

There are some cases when removing stains from the carpeted areas around your home that are not that hard to clean and can be handled with the help of a sponge and a dish-washing soap. There are other cases when quality cleaning cannot be achieved with DIY work, and that is when you may have to contact a carpet cleaning service provider equipped with a powerful steam or dry cleaning machine.

Here are the type of stains which you may have to remove with the help of a professional:

Crayons and makeup. If your kids love drawing but they do not use a sketchbook for this, then you are in serious trouble. Carpets that are used as a canvas can be damaged severely and may never get entirely cleaned. The sooner you react to the problem, the higher your chances to get it resolved are. Synthetic and woolen carpets can be dry cleaned to extract crayon and makeup marks while the cotton ones should be steam cleaned to achieve better results. If you cannot teach your children to stop drawing on the floor, then you’d better start buying them water-based colors. They are much easier to get cleaned, and you may not need to invest in hiring professional cleaned that often.

Food and wine spills. Greasy food stains or dark red wine marks are the next enemy of any dedicated housewife. Once they soak up in the carpet’s fibers and dry completely, extracting them will only be possible with a steam cleaning tool.

Dirt and dust in high-traffic areas. The hallway and the staircase in your home may need to be steam cleaned a bit more often than the other rooms in your home. This is due to the fact that they get stuffed with dirt and dust much easier than other carpeted areas in your home.

Pet odor. One of the most common cases when professional carpet cleaning service is needed is not when you notice a visible pet stain but when you start feeling the smell of a pet urine that you have not cleaned for a while. Pet urine odor removal is a very specific service for which specialty cleaning chemicals are used. In order to learn more about it, you can contact the local carpet/rug cleaning expert A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct. The contact number of our office in Aurora, CO is (303) 395-4899!