Highly Effective Stain Removal Service

If you have kids or pets in your home, you are going to eventually deal with stains on your carpet. Even if you don’t have children or pets, stains are still a part of life that we have to deal with. When you come face-to-face with a stubborn stain on your carpet, don’t worry because the experts at A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct have the solution for eliminating even the toughest stains on your carpet with our professional stain removal service. Since 1979, we have been providing quality services for our clients in Aurora, CO, and we always make sure that we deliver when it comes to results.

Effective Removal

Most spills and stains can be easily removed with our basic carpet cleaning service. However, difficult stains from permanent markers, paint, lipstick, etc., require special cleaning techniques. Our professional technicians are equipped with top-notch cleaning products that can take care of all spots and stains. Using a variety of safe and effective cleaning products, coupled with innovative equipment, we will knock off tough stains out of your carpets for good. If we can’t get it done, no one can, and so far, there has been no stain that’s too tough for us.

Stain Protection

Aside from our stain removal service, we also offer a preventive solution to battling tough stains before they even occur. Our stain protectants will provide protection for your carpets. The solution works by building a strong defensive layer around the fibers of your carpets that repels most liquids and other stain-causing agents. The protectant will stop stains in their tracks before they can wreak havoc on your carpets.

As a professional and experienced carpet cleaning company, we always make sure to deliver when it comes to quality results and customer service. Call A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct now at (303) 395-4899, or you can also talk to use personally in our office at Aurora, CO.