Professional upholstery cleaning services

A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct is a proven and trusted leader in upholstery cleaning in Aurora, CO. We can wipe the everyday stains and smudges right out of your favorite piece of furniture or upholstery material without fuss and hassle. Our company is using the most advanced cleaning techniques and offers safe and professional alternatives to traditional cleaning methods. Of course, you want to keep your favorite furniture looking as beautiful as the day when you bought it, and that is why we are here! Call us now at (303) 395-4899, and we will provide you with a free instant quote.

By offering upholstery cleaning, A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct takes the hard work off your hands and ensures that your upholstery looks brand-new. Your furniture will be showroom clean with no sweat off your back and in no time. Do not allow to be deceived by other guys who promise to get your upholstery clean with the same techniques they would use for any other cleaning job. Our company understands the delicate nature of cleaning upholstery safely and thoroughly.

We are also aware of the fact that your upholstered piece is valuable to you. That also makes it important to us. We realize that every piece is different. While some fabrics may be the same in design, they may call for different cleaning methods. We know that we must always approach upholstery cleaning patiently and delicately.

We do not only clean daily dirt but also other things that happen once in a while such as bodily fluids and vomit, food and beverages, mud, hair, as well as dander. Our services will also be particularly useful to you if your allergies are acting up.

Our superb services will have your upholstery looking and smelling clean again. When we arrive, we will treat the stained areas with special chemicals in order to identify the fabrics and the safest cleaning solutions and techniques to use – shampooing by hand or machine, dry cleaning or hot water extraction. We can clean every fabric – wool, cotton, microfiber, combination fabrics, polyester, vinyl, leather, and others. The pieces of furniture that we can clean are sofas & loveseats, chairs & ottomans, rugs & carpets, draperies and pillows, as well as auto interiors.

If you need your upholstery dry or steam cleaning to be done right away, don’t just leave it to anyone. Come to A1 Red Carpet & Air Duct in Aurora, CO because we offer what you require and more. We even do air duct cleaning. Call us today at (303) 395-4899 to receive the best service.